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Instructions for Bird Ornaments

Sunday School:

For Sunday School Online, each lesson uses supplies from a “Sunday School To Go” bag that is available at Community. Stop by to get one at your convenience.

December 6, 2020- Overjoyed- The First Christmas

This fall will be a little different for the Community kids as we will be doing our Sunday School and Midweek activities at home/ online. We hope to be back together in January for our usual in-person fun and activities.

I want to be sure you know that I’d love to chat or answer questions if anything comes up. Call the church office at 605-336-1475 or email 

I’ll be giving you a lot of ideas and activities you can choose from but I want you to know that it is okay (I’d even say probably wise) to not try to do every single thing each week. Do a little on Sunday, a little on Wednesday if you want and skip the things that don’t work for you. There are activities to appeal to the wide range of ages as well so you can choose what fits for your family.

For information on what we do for Children’s Ministry on a typical year, click here.

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Past Lessons:

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