Children’s Ministry

This fall will be a little different for the Community kids as we will be doing our Sunday School and Midweek activities at home. We hope to be back together in January for our usual fun and activities. You can learn more about Community Kids 2020 by clicking here.

Moments are precious so we use our time with kids wisely! Our kids are growing up in a place filled with God’s grace and that kind of love changes people, including kids!
We teach them what we are learning-God loves us! A relationship with God, who is greater than anything this world can throw our way, changes the way we see things and how we approach our day to day adventures.
We know that as God transforms our kids, He will empower them to go into the world and be brave and caring as they grow deeper and stronger in the love of Christ.

At Community, the volunteers and staff love the kids, and it shows! When children feel loved, connected, and supported, they are more able to learn about the love of God and what the Bible teaches us.

Children are invited to learn in developmentally appropriate, engaging and fun ways. Whether it is prayers, high fives, Bible lessons, fun activities, or a quick hello, kids see friendly faces everywhere they turn.


Sunday School:

Sunday mornings at Community are full of warm smiles, Bible truth, and hands on learning. Sunday School starts at 10:10am (temporarily doing “at home” only for fall 2020)

-Classes are available for all ages, from our little ones, all the way through children, youth and even adults



Wednesdays are full of fun! (temporarily doing “at home” only for fall 2020 except for Middle and High School Youth Groups)
-6-7pm Supper is served
-6:30-7:30pm Classes begin for K-5 and nursery is available. Our weekly K-5 Bible lesson is fun and educational. We ask questions and jump into the Bible with science, art, cooking, and service learning lessons.

7:30-8:00pm- ” Fun Zone” fellowship time happens in the Children’s Area for K-5 kids. This is a chance for kids and volunteers to play games, laugh and connect with one another.

6:45pm- Middle School Youth Group Starts

7-8pm Adult Classes

7:30pm- High School Youth Group

Middle School and High School Youth groups offer opportunities to connect and engage. We’d love to tell you all about the excitement happening in our youth groups!



Vacation Bible School:

Each summer Community transforms into a amazing fun experience for our kids! It is all about God’s love, and we spend 4 evenings in a row learning what the Bible says with songs, games, snacks, crafts, stories, and of course prayer. Our 2021 theme will be “New Every Morning.” Save the date for August 1-4, 2021 to learn about how God makes us whole and get ready to “go be bacon!”


We have many other opportunities for children and youth as well. Just give us a call!  We are happy to answer your questions any time!

Director of Children’s Ministry:
On Facebook: /CommunityRCKids : “Community Kids and Youth”